90 Minutes


Cuba is well known as a so-called time capsule. The very place where the New World was discovered has become both a romantic and a warning window into American and world history. Both the beauty and the decadence of the 50s have been preserved through economic embargos and isolation. The island allows us a glimpse – bleak or optimistic – into the planet’s future: in the case of global energy scarcity, cultural or financial crisis, large parts of the world could face a similar kind of existence. Through encounters with (extra) ordinary people, Hubert Sauper takes us on a new journey, entering the thoughts and dreams of Cuban society in an era of transition and change, placing his characters at the center of a far bigger, planetary narrative.  


© Groupe Deux, KGP Filmproduktion, Little Magnet Films

World premiere: Sundance Film Festival 2020



Sundance Film Festival (Park City, USA)
World Cinema Documentary - Grand Jury Prize 

Vienna International Film Festival (Vienna, Austria)
Vienna Film Award - Best Austrian Film

MAKEDOX (Skopje, Mazedonien)
Onion Award - Best Film

Hainan Island International Film Festival (Sanya, China)
Audience Award - Best Documentary Feature
Nomination: Golden Coconut

Diagonale. Festival des österreichischen Films (Graz, Austria)
Best Editing

Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Schwerin, Germany)
Best Cinematography

K3 Film Festival (Villach, Österreich)
Feature Film Award

Minsk International Film Festival (Minsk, Belarus)
Grand Prix Documentary

CPH:DOX (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Nomination: CPH:DOX Award

Austrian Film Award (Vienna, Austria)
Nomination: Best Documentary
Nomination: Best Sounddesign

Adelaide Film Festival (Adelaide, Australia)
Nomination: International Documentary Award

Valladolid International Film Festival (Valladolid, Spain)
Nomination: Tiempo de Historia Award 

Free Zone Film Festival (Belgrade/Novi Sad/Nis, Serbia)
Nomination: International Competition - Best Film 


Sundance Film Festival (Park City, USA)
MAKEDOX (Skopje, Macedonia)
Docaviv (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Lemesos International Film Festival (Limassol, Cyprus)
DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (Goyang/Paju, South Korea)
Reykjavik International Film Festival (Reykjavik, Island)
Festival De Cine Al Este (Lima, Peru)
Moscow International Film Festival (Moscow, Russia)
Bergen International Film Festival (Bergen, Norway)
Pacific Meridian (Vladivostok, Russia)
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Valladolid International Film Festival (Valladolid, Spain)
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International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
L'Alternativa - Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
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