how we live now - messages to the family

HOW WE LIVE is a reflection about a film genre that presupposes seeing with one's own eyes (autopsy) – the home movie. The term home movie, taken literally, means films that deal with the home, the house, the apartment, a person's own surroundings. However, not the habitual but rather a new one, elsewhere, in a foreign country. Hence these are cinematic images made by people of their lives far from their homes for their family and friends at home – and beyond, and vice versa. From the early days of cinematography to the present. 

a cinematic autopsy


World premiere: Festival du nouveau cinéma 2017 (Montreal, Canada)


Festival du nouveau cinéma (Montreal, Canada)
Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Mar del Plata, Argentina)
Filmmaker Festival (Milano, Italy)


Diagonale. Festival des Österreichsichen Films (Graz, Austria)
JEONJU International Film Festival (Jeonju, South Korea)