Thomas Woschitz

Born 1968 in Klagenfurt. Studied at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome/Italy. Directed several short films, e.g. “People’s Pockets and Bleeding Noses” (1995) and “Blindgänger – Duds” (1996) and the medium lengh film “Girls and Cars (2004) which have all been shown at numerous festivals, such as Venice, Locarno and the Cannes Film Festival. He also realized experimental film-installations like  “Oil Film” (1994) and  “Loop’s End (2003) or the imaginary sound film “moving landscape© (2002)“. Together with the music band “Naked Lunch”, in 2005 he realized the music film “Closing Time”.  He has also worked as a a film editor on “La Capa Gira” and "Mio Cognato", both by Alessandro Piva. In 2009, he won the “Max Ophüls Award” for “Universalove” which was shown at numerous Film Festivals (Berlinale, Toronto...).


Filmography (selection)

  • 1992: 22 Ways to Take Flight (video triptych) 
  • 1994: Oil Film - 10 Mirages (video film installation)
  • 1995: Pocket Contents and Nosebleeds (short film)  
  • 1995: Interkonsum - film exhibition at the Künstlerhaus Kärnten
  • 1996: Dud (short film)
  • 2001: A little girl is dreaming of taking the veil (chamber opera) 
  • 2002: Moving Landscape© - walk-in road movie
  • 2003: Girls and Cars (short film)
  • 2005: Curfew - music film with Naked Lunch
  • 2009: Univeralove - music film with Naked Lunch 
  • 2015: Bad Luck - feature film



Foundation of the band in 1990.
Since the 91's debut 'Naked' on the German label Big Store, several releases in Europe and the USA which were highly praised by the international press, as well as tours, performances all over Europe, the USA, South America, Russia.
During the same period, all members have also been commissioned to compose works for theatre, films and other artists. 


  • 1991: Naked Lunch CD/LP - ‚Naked' 
  • 1992: Naked Lunch CD/LP -  ,Balsam' 
  • 1997: Naked Lunch CD/LP -  ,Superstardom' 
  • 1999: Naked Lunch CD/LP -  ,Love Junkies' 
  • 2004: Naked Lunch CD/LP -  ,Songs for the exhausted'
  • 2004: Naked Lunch/Thomas Woschitz DVD Sperrstunde'
  • 2007: Naked Lunch CD/LP -  ,This Atom Heart of Ours'