Of stains, scrap and tires

Engines, axles, cylinders – the components of happiness. What cannot be resold in Europe, the Scrapmasters from the Erzberg ship to Africa. Happiness is the (rare) easily earned money, the (rare) beauty of a man-made machine, the real and imagined freedom on wheels. To the image and sound poetry of car repair shop, scrap metal and paintball field, another wagon master, Bobby Sommer, reads a poem by Bertolt Brecht. The singing Steyr cars, they promise silent lightness – without concealing their relationship to the armaments industry. Happiness is made of steel. 

© Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains, KGP Filmproduktion


World premiere: Viennale 2014 (Vienna, Austria)


Viennale (Vienna, Austria)

Berlin International Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)
COURTisane Festival (Ghent, Belgium)
Diagonale. Festival des österreichischen Films (Graz, Austria)
Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (Jihlava, Czech Republic)
Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival (Kassel, Germany)
Crossing Europe (Linz, Austria)
Milan International Film Festival (Milano, Italy)
TOFIFEST (Toruń, Poland)
VIS Vienna Shorts (Vienna, Austria)