Ma Mère (My Mother)

Pierre is a 17 year old living a pious adolescence with his grandmother. For his summer holidays he goes to join his parents in the Canary Islands, where he will be confronted with the conjugal escapades of a couple who are tearing each other apart and who hate each other. Following the sudden death of his father, Pierre is initiated into perversion by Hélène, his mother whom he venerates, and in whom he sees a pure woman who has lived with a repugnant man. Pierre is nevertheless aware that his mother's life is one of debauchery in alcohol and sex. His mother takes him along with her on her outings, and introduces him to Réa, a seductive young woman who is also her mistress. The young woman plunges Pierre into orgy and debauchery. He discovers an ecstasy of perdition in which anguish, shame, sexual pleasure, disgust and respect are mingled. His mother prefers to distance herself. During her absence, Pierre finds love and a certain degree of equilibrium with Hansi, a young woman who has been close to his mother. But Hélène is soon back, and having touched the bottom of the abyss, leads her son into the realisation of their incestuous fantasy, at the same time as she kills herself.


© GEMINI FILMS Paris, KGP Filmproduktion, Madragoa Filmes


World premiere: Toronto International Film Festival 2004 (Toronto, Canada)

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